The Benefit Solutions, Inc. (BSI) Online Benefits Management Portal, is offered to our clients under the Trademark SIMON. SIMON integrates enrollment and benefit management for employer groups. Users can quickly and easily access and enroll in their benefits from one place, online, anytime. This makes the entire process more manageable and results in streamlined processes and efficiencies gained.

The platform has been designed to readily integrate with technology across all market segments and lines of business enabling the rapid development and release of new features.

SIMON provides employers with a comprehensive and powerful online benefits management portal that supports online enrollment and employee communications.

Online Enrollment

  • Administrator Tools – Employers can access the information and tools they need to administer their benefits programs, including managing enrollment, billing and payment, and employee education and communication.
  • Business Rules – SIMON includes logic to enforce your eligibility and business rules for different benefit types; such as rules governing new hire enrollment, open enrollment, COBRA, Terminations, and Re-hires.
  • Integration With Insurance Carriers – BSI provides full service data integration with your carriers and benefits vendor partners.
  • Communication & Education
  • Customization – SIMON is highly configurable, allowing each client to easily create a personalized look and feel, including logos, images, and custom tiles and messaging.  Once SIMON is implemented changes to the content can be easily made.
  • Tiles – SIMON uses tiles to provide information at a glance.  Tiles can be configured in many ways; links to other websites, launch documents and forms, launch single-sign-on to an integrated service provider, display videos, or used to add personalization for each member, such as links to their personal LinkedIn, Facebook, or other personal online tool.
  • Content – During the SIMON set up process, careful attention is taken to include a variety of content, ultimately providing for a highly useful tool, suggested content includes; health and wellness, human resources, benefits, productivity, healthcare reform, and tools useful to platform users.


  • Plan Configuration – SIMON is configured to accommodate your plans unique rules and benefit plans.
  • Data Exchange – BSI configures data exchange connections with your carrier partners.
  • Support – BSI provides navigational and technical support via a toll free number, email, or web support portal.
  • Ongoing Releases – BSI regularly updates the system with improvements and new features during scheduled software releases.

Consolidated Billing & Payment

  • Billing – Once a month SIMON will produce a consolidated billing statement that includes all updates since the previous billing statement, including; new hires, terminations, category changes, and dependent changes.
  • Format – BSI’s billing statements are configured according to your specifications and include line item deductions per benefit type and a single column consolidating all deductions for each employee, making it easy to allow payroll deduction for unlimited benefits.
  • Payment – Once payment is remitted to BSI, all your carriers and vendor partners are paid in a timely manner and provided with all premium reporting needed to reconcile your account, no additional work is needed on your part.