Summary of Services

Enrollment & Eligibility
We manage, implement, and process new groups and renewals.  BSI provides enrollment support for new hires, and handles life events and work status changes. All eligibility issues are addressed in accordance with rules-based enrollment (i.e. probationary periods, waivers, dependent status, etc.).  We manage and process group and employee terminations in accordance with plan rules. BSI’s eligibility system integrates with our CDHP and COBRA Services.

Consolidated Billing
BSI provides consolidated billing, which allows for multiple carriers and coverages to be billed on a single invoice.  Coverage types include medical, ancillary, and voluntary benefits. Enrollment processing, eligibility management, and consolidated billing make up the primary core of our administrative services.

Eligibility Data Transfer
BSI manages eligibility and sends data via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to insurance carriers, vendors, and providers. We provide HIPAA compliant 834 eligibility transmissions and custom proprietary data feeds to a host of third parties.

Traditional Administration Services
We offer traditional administration services, from paper based enrollment/eligibility and financial/accounting services, to compliance assistance.  We act as a liaison between plan partners and vendors.  Our services also include the reporting you need, when you need it, and you can always pick up the phone and call any member of your dedicated account team.

Broker Commission, Reporting, and Payment
Processing prompt and accurate commission payments is a vital service that we offer and can be used to support and maintain your distribution network.  BSI has a long-standing history of assisting brokers with processes related to credentialing, appointments, reporting, and general customer services to ensure all needs are met.

COBRA Administration
BSI provides competent, caring, and timely COBRA administration services. It is our objective to provide former employees with a positive experience throughout the administration of their COBRA benefits. We provide full service administration that keeps regulators, carriers, employers, and employees satisfied.

Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP) Administration
Employers may offer Premium Only Plans, Flexible Spending Accounts, Dependent Care Spending Accounts, Health Reimbursement Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, and Transportation Reimbursement Plans. In each case, BSI conducts implementation, enrollment, debit card issuance, claim adjudication, participant reimbursements, and reporting to the plan sponsor and participants.

Online Services
SIMON is our online benefits administration service, designed to streamline the benefits enrollment and premium payment process.  It is created, hosted, and maintained by Benefit Solutions, Inc.  SIMON requires no additional hardware, software, or security investment. SIMON facilitates the collection, management, and transfer of all the pertinent data that is typically involved with benefits administration.